Introduction to Opportunities

Your company Opportunities are available in the left navigation under Opportunities. You may access them at anytime by clicking on the link. 

Your opportunities are grouped based on your response.



1. Inbound - Opportunities you have not responded to but that have not expired.

2. Responded - Opportunities you have either accepted or declined.

3. Expired - Opportunities that have expired and that you have not responded to.

4. Cancelled - Opportunities that have been cancelled by a Prime or Agency


Understanding Inbound Opportunities 

- Name - The name of the inbound opportunity

- Company - The name of the Prime Contractor or Agency. You will only receive opportunities from companies that have been vetted by VeraCloud.

- Project Size - The estimated size of the Opportunity. 

- Est. Start - The estimated start date of the work.

- Respond By - The Company requires that you respond by this specific date.

- Match Date - The date you were matched with the Opportunity. Our automated engine looks for qualified Subcontractors meeting the Prime Contractor or Agency Opportunity requirements. 

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