Who can see my company profile?

Your profile must be published in order to make your profile visible to the public and receive Opportunities. Learn how to achieve your Capable badge here

Below are the different states your profile goes through:




When unpublished, you must go to your Profile and update all of the sections that are marked with the Capable badge icon. Until doing so, you will not be able to receive opportunities or publish your profile.




Your profile is published and in good health. You are also provided a link to your public profile. If the link shows up, then your profile is visible to anyone who has it.


Published with Pending Changes

Your profile is published but your recent changes have not been made public. Any time you make changes to your public profile, we require that you submit them to the Opportunity Engine. This allows you to take the time to make edits and changes before anyone gets to see them. 

If you have questions, please contact support at support@veracloud.us.

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