Sign Up Overview

To create a subcontractor account, users must have a valid email address and conduct business within the 50 contiguous states. Creating your subcontractor account and publishing your business profile is free of charge.

To create your account, go here.

1. Enter and confirm your email address.
2. Enter and confirm your account password.
3. Select your Country. As of right now, VeraCloud is only available in the United States.
4. Select the State of your main office/headquarters. 
5. Let us know how you heard about VeraCloud.

6. Press Continue
7. Enter your First Name, Last Name and Company Name.
8. Enter a valid phone number.
9. Check that you've read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
10. Click on Complete Registration.

Once you see the confirmation screen, a verification email will be sent for you to confirm your email address is valid. 


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